The Weather Channel
Executive Vice-President and Chief Information Officer

"As the Chief Information Officer of the Weather Channel, I have had the privilege to work with Doug Winters for the last three years. Doug supported some of the most critical systems in the day-to-day operations of The Weather Channel. His skills range from subject matter expert in various technical disciplines, to skilled project manager, to providing specialized training and support to on-air and radio talent. He is a very capable and well-respected professional whom I am certain will be very successful well into the future. I will miss both his warm personality and his numerous contributions to our organization."

The Weather Channel
Senior Director of Applied Technologies

"I hired Doug Winters as the System Administrator for the mission critical system used at The Weather Channel to create and display all studio graphics. The Advanced Presentation System (APS) moved The Weather Channel into a new era of presentation technology. There were previously several graphics devices used for on-air support. The APS replaced them all with a single graphics source, which was required to operate continuously in support of live programming. Doug’s primary responsibility was to support the operation of this system. Doug went beyond the technical challenges and truly shined in the area of customer service and support. He graciously educated and supported the on-air talent in the use of the APS. Very few technical professionals can work as well with people as Doug. He continued to grow in his career by moving into project management and obtaining his PMP certification. I would hire Doug again for any role where technology meets the end user, whether in a project management role or technical support. I have held many management positions in my 20-year career at The Weather Channel, where I am currently the Sr. Director of Applied Technologies. In that time I have evaluated many employee’s performance and professional growth potential. I believe Doug Winters to have the abilities and trustworthiness to continue and grow his technical and interpersonal skills. In conclusion, it is without hesitation that I provide this Professional Reference for Doug Winters." 

The Weather Channel
Director of On-Camera Meteorology

"I worked with Doug Winters for several years at The Weather Channel. I would highly recommend him for a job with your company. I base this on three areas First, Doug did what it took to get the job done. While he worked the standard Monday – Friday schedule, many times he was needed on weekends and overnights to support a project that just launched. He was here when needed, and when the on-camera staff called him at 3 AM, he was always professional. That leads me to the second point. Doug is a pleasure to work with. He maintained a professional and friendly rapport with the on-camera staff. Not once did I have a member of my staff comment negatively with Doug’s interpersonal skills. Finally, Doug is a project manager. He led us through the launch of an on-air system. Without his dedication and detail, I don’t know if we could have launched. Is Doug a perfect employee, no, but if you looking for a hard working, project leader, he is the one."

Jim Cantore
The Weather Channel
On-Camera Meteorologist ( OCM )

"I am happy to recommend Doug Winters for employment with your company. I have had the pleasure of working with Doug Winters at The Weather Channel where he provided project management and systems management for our primary systems. Because these systems are so important to our day-to-day operations, Doug's technical abilities and professionalism are greatly appreciated especially under times of pressure and deadlines. We could always count on him to solve challenges and keep us informed no matter what the issue or time of day. His good judgment and problem resolution skills ensure a logical and practical approach to his endeavors. Doug Winters would be an asset to your organization and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement."

R. B. Baker Construction, Inc.
Project Manager

"I wanted to take the time to send a letter regarding your impact as an educator and facilitator during the recent Advanced Project Management Course at Armstrong Atlantic State University. The skills I have gained from your class have had an immediate impact on my performance as a heavy civil project manager. Specifically, I would like to mention your thorough preparation and your natural teaching abilities. I have attended numerous seminars, continuing education courses and other professional educational systems, but I have yet to come across an instructor who prepares and cares at Doug’s level. Doug went out of his was to adapt each class based on the previous instruction. He also took the time to tailor the case studies and examples to the experiences of the class. His ability as an instructor is highlighted by the fact that at the beginning of the class less than half of the students intended to take the PMP exam, however, by the end of the class almost the entire class had decided to take the test. This remarkable turn around was due solely to Doug’s ability to present challenging materiel in a way that made the information accessible and encourage further pursuit of learning. Again, thank you for all of your hard work and effort with our class. I look forward to working with you in the future."

City of Savannah, Georgia
Director, Public Information Office

"I wanted to take a minute to personally thank you for the outstanding learning experience you provided to me through the Project Management Course, Part II, at Armstrong Atlantic State University. You took what was otherwise some daunting and highly technical material, (great gobs of it!) and not only made it interesting, but also made it fun. As I mentioned to you, I signed up for the course because I wanted to improve my management skills as the Director of Public Information for the City of Savannah. However, after having completed your course, I am considering a slight change in my career path and am considering following through with becoming certified by PMI. I hope that we cross paths again. Please contact me if there is ever any way I can be of assistance."

Richardson, Inc. - Accelerating Sales Success
Chief Technology Officer

"It is my pleasure to provide this letter of reference regarding Doug Winters' unique and extremely valuable technical and project management capabilities. Doug's qualities are remarkable, from both professional and personal perspectives. Doug’s performance during our years together at Digital Connectivity was remarkable. Without question Doug had a significant impact on this company. In fact, Doug was responsible for the completion of many of our company's most profitable projects and the source of a dramatic increase in consulting contracts due to his technical expertise and outstanding project management methodology. One of Doug's noteworthy characteristics is his ability to work with stakeholders. Whether gathering requirements or completing technically complicated tasks, he was able to inspire trust and enthusiasm in a wide variety of difficult situations. Many of his accomplishments are quite memorable. I can tell you with complete confidence that I would recommend him for employment at your company."

Morris Digital Works - Morris Communications
Senior Project Manager for the Advance Internet Project

"Advance Internet has been up and running on mdRealEstate since June 27th. Hopefully you realize we are very pleased with how the product currently performs and expect that it will meet our robust expectations or the category. You may be accustomed to getting verbal thanks but written complaints. In this case, we felt your staff's professionalism and assistance during our implementation process warranted official thanks and recognition. Throughout our implementation process, the MDW staff was attentive and thoughtful in listening to real issues that arose. They showed an understanding of our needs and strove to find the right solution for Advance, instead of the easiest one. They demonstrated solid skills in finding solutions and building those solutions into existing architecture without creating long term problems for Advance. It is a testament to your staff that they not only understand the fundamentals of the mdRealEstate architecture, but can create solutions to very specific business issues within that framework." 
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Cliftwood Development, Inc./Cliftwood Homes, Inc.
President and Financial Manager

"This letter is to serve as a written reference on behalf of Mr. Doug Winters, who recently served as our instructor of MicroSoft Excel, Levels I, II and III. During the past several months we attended these classes at the Clayton College’s Continuing Education Center in Roswell. We were delighted and amazed at his technical expertise. It was nice to see an instructor pace his lessons so that even both of us could understand the reasons for the functions of Excel. Mr. Winters displayed a great enthusiasm in these classes that spilled over to us, his students. We looked forward to attending our classes each week since we all got to participate as a whole or quietly on an individual basis. We feel that Mr. Winters is well suited for a position as instructor at this center and would choose him for any future classes."

Accounting Services Group

"This document is intended to serve as a letter of reference for Mr. Doug Winters, specifically regarding his strengths as an instructor of Microsoft Excel, Levels I, II, and III. During the summer of 2002, I attended classes taught by Mr. Winters at Clayton College's Continuing Education Center in Roswell, Georgia. Mr. Winters exhibits technical expertise with Microsoft Excel. As an instructor, he works hard to pace the lessons so that the course goals are met, while taking the necessary time to ensure that no student is left behind. He demonstrates enthusiasm for his work; and he makes a concerted effort to involve each student in classroom dialogue. For the reasons named above, I feel that Mr. Winters is well suited for the position of instructor for any topic on which he has expertise."

United Way
Community Services Director

"Though the enclosed appraisal is quite comprehensive, I would be remiss if I did not emphasize Doug's achievements. As you may be aware, the role of a loaned executive is very vital to the United Way campaign. Loaned executives are responsible for planning and conducting employee campaigns at the workplace and also for making direct sale calls on local businesses. The role of a loaned executive is geared to individuals who have public speaking and salesmanship abilities. Because of the very intense time schedule, this responsibility can be quite stressful. During his tenure with our organization, Doug demonstrated that he possessed the aptitude and perseverance to withstand the busy schedule. Doug was directly responsible for 45 accounts in the corporate division. This division consisted of companies with more than 100 employees. By the end of the campaign, his division realized a 24.5% increase and was 112% of goal. An outstanding accomplishment! Doug possesses ability in both written and verbal communication. He worked very cooperatively in group efforts with staff members and with other loaned executives. Doug's strongest assets are his organizational abilities, effectiveness in handling responsibility and the cooperativeness with which he works with others. Doug also welcomes the challenge of an intellectually stimulating project."

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